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Another decision in our client's favor helps future NYCDOE union retaliation cases

Most of our clients experience some sort of retaliation. The retaliation can stem from making allegations of misconduct to engaging in union activity. Whatever the cause, our firm is here to help clients find justice in different forums.

We won a case in 2017, at the New York State Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). We argued that Staten Island teacher Francesco Portelos was berated with disciplinary letters, frivolous investigations, and negative observations on the heels of becoming UFT delegate and running for UFT chapter leader. The New York City Department of Education received a decision against them stating they needed to adhere to and post the following notice everywhere UFT members worked. They did not.

An Albany Supreme Court judge recently decided that the NYCDOE must follow PERB Judge Blassman's decision and post the notice. This is a win for all union employees who dare enforce their contract amidst intimidation and retaliation.

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