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We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding 


Labor and

Employment Law

Employees in New York enjoy the protections of federal, state and local laws. We represent employees with a variety of claims, be it sexual harassment, discrimination, hostile work environment, or unpaid overtime and other wage violations. We will aggressively pursue your claims and fight for what is yours. 

Case Types


  • Age Discrimination​

  • Disability Discrimination

  • FMLA

  • Pregnancy Discrimination

  • Gender Discrimination

  • Race Discrimination

  • Sex Discrimination 

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Political Affiliation Discrimination

  • National Origin Discrimination

  • Rehabilitation Act

  • Equal Pay for Equal work

Wage and Hour Litigation

  • Non Payment of Overtime​

  • Misclassification of Exempt Employees

  • FLSA Class Actions



We are the premier education law attorneys in New York City. As former union and city attorneys, we are well-versed in the nuances that comprise New York Education Law and collective bargaining agreement. We represent teachers and administrators in a variety of forums, including retaliation and discrimination claims, PERB, 3020-a defense, and federal actions against school districts. 

Case Types

  • ​Education Law Section 3020-a Disciplinary Defense

  • Part 83 Defense

  • U Ratings

  • Probationary Discontinuance

  • Commissioner Appeals

  • PERB Proceedings

  • Fitness Examinations

  • Conflict of Interest Board

  • NYS Division of Human Rights

  • Retaliation and discrimination

  • IDEA Law

Administrative Law

In addition to our extensive education law experience, we actively represent other government and administrative employees in actions against the city and state, including Article 78 special proceedings, arbitrations, grievances, and civil service hearings. 

Case Types

  • Article 75 / Article 78 Proceedings

  • Unemployment Administrative Proceedings

  • Civil Service Law

  • Corrections Law

Civil Rights

Law/ Section 1983

First Amendment Law is one of the most rapidly developing areas of civil rights litigation, and we are on the front lines. We have represented numerous city employees in First Amendment retaliation and other Section 1983 actions against the city. 

Case Types

  • Section 1981 Litigation

  • Section 1983 Litigation

  • False Arrest

  • First Amendment

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